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"The Special Theory of Relativity has their origin in Kramgasse 49 in Bern ..."

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The Albert Einstein Society was founded in 1977 in Bern to publicize Einstein’s life and work during his years in Switzerland and especially in Bern.

Logo - Einstein House, BernApart from scientific aims such as the promotion of scientific insights of the world view established by Einstein the Albert Einstein Society also has cultural aims such as collecting documents which are connected with Albert Einstein’s work, analyse them and make them available to the public by a documentation and information authority.

Persons who have rendered outstanding services  in connection with Albert Einstein are furthermore awarded an Einstein medal by the Albert Einstein Society every year. The first person to receive the Albert Einstein medal was the British astrophysicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking in 1979.

To remind of Einstein and his scientific performance as true-to-life as possible it is another  wish of the Albert Einstein Society to maintain his former flat in Kramgasse 49 in Bern (“Einstein House”) and make it available to the general public. The “Einstein House” which was opened to Einstein’s 100th  birthday on March 14 in 1979 is visited by approximately 10,000 guests every year.

The second floor in which is Einstein’s former flat can be reached over steep stairs. In the style of the beginning 20th century  photos, copies of Einstein manuscripts and interesting documents  are hanging on the walls of the rooms. Apart from some other exhibits Einstein’s desk of the Patent Office in Bern is to be seen. Also a guest book lies there ready for the visitors. Albert Einstein would surely have appreciated this memorial, as it renounces any aspect of personal cult.

The flat of Albert Einstein in Kramgasse 49 was adapted even better to the original state because of the Einstein year - 100 years special theory of relativity – by a soft makeover in connection with original pieces of furniture in 2005. The additional inclusion of the third floor into the exhibition makes it possible to introduce life and work of Albert Einstein to the visitors also with audio-visual means.


1-3 View of the interior, Einstein House in Bern, 2005


Information for visitors of the "Einstein House":

Address: Haus zum Untern Juker, Kramgasse 49, CH-3000 Bern 8

You will find the "Einstein House" at 49, Kramgasse in the centre of the old town of Bern very close to the well-known town-gate "Zytglogge".

Please inquire the current opening hours from the Albert Einstein Society.

It is worth-while visiting!

Accommodation address:

Albert Einstein Society
Post office box 638
CH-3000 Bern 8

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Einstein in Kramgasse 49

Einstein House in Bern, Kramgasse 49

4 Einstein House in Bern, Kramgasse 49

Einstein lived in Bern from February 1902 until October 1909. After several moves within Bern he lived in Kramgasse 49 on the second floor with his wife Mileva Maric and his first son Hans Albert from October 1903 until May 1905.

In this flat which wasn’t only the birthplace of his son Hans Albert (May 14, 1904) Einstein worked on his special theory of relativity. Today a commemorative plaque on the outer façade of the house reminds of this great scientific performance.

Also meetings of the "Akademie Olympia" took place in Einstein’s flat. This was a lose coming together of some young people who read together great works of science and philosophy and had debates about them. Still in a letter from April 3, 1953 "To the immortal Akademie Olympia" Einstein lovingly remembered it which has, according to is own words, promoted his scientific career.

From Kramgasse Einstein’s family moved two more times within Bern. In October 1909 Einstein said goodbye to Bern and moved with his family to Zurich. But this farewell was also the beginning of an incomparable career which should lead Einstein up to one step next to Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) and Isaac Newton (1643-1727).


Apart from the flat in Kramgasse 49 there are today two more preserved residences where Albert Einstein has lived and worked.

One is his former summer house in Caputh where he spent nice years, perhaps apart from the years in Bern the most beautiful in his life.

Another is in Princeton, New Jersey (USA) where Einstein lived in his house in Mercer Street 112 from August 1935 until his death. This house isn’t available to the public because Albert Einstein didn’t wanted it to be a museum after his death.

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Dr. Adolf W. Meichle Albert Einsteins Berner Jahre 1902-1909 Bern 1992

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