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Albert Einstein





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Einstein 2018 calendar
Original Browntrout-calendar

Published 2017, Browntrout

Einstein 2018 calendar


An Einstein Encyclopedia  Authors: Alice Calaprice, Daniel Kennefick, Robert Schulmann

Published 2015, Princeton University Press, Princeton-New Jersey

Information about this book:

An Einstein Encyclopedia

Einstein 2013 calendar
Original Browntrout-calendar

Published 2012, Verlagshaus Würzburg - Browntrout - Stürtz, Würzburg

Einstein 2013 calendar


Einstein on the Road  Author: Josef Eisinger

Published 2011, Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York

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Einstein on the Road


The Practical Einstein  Author: József Illy
Experiments, Patents, Inventions

Published 2012, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore - Maryland

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The Practical Einstein


Einstein Before Israel: Author: Ze'ev Rosenkranz
Zionist Icon or Iconoclast?

Published 2011, Princeton University Press, Princeton-New Jersey

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Einstein Before Israel

Ultimate Quotable Einstein. Editor: Alice Calaprice

Published 2010, Princeton University Press, Princeton-New Jersey

Einstein: His Life and Universe. Author: Walter Isaacson

Published 2008, Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, New York

Einstein: His Life and Universe

Albert Einstein: The Persistent Illusion of Transience. Editors: Ze'ev Rosenkranz, Barbara Wolff

Published 2007, Magnes Press, Jerusalem

Information about this book:

Albert Einstein: The Persistent Illusion of Transience

Albert Einstein: A Man for All Seasons 2008 Calendar. Published 2007  
Albert Meets America Editor: József Illy
How Journalists Treated Genius during Einstein's 1921 Travels

Published 2006, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore
- Maryland

Albert Meets America: How Journalists Treated Genius During Einstein's 1921 Travels

Einstein, Anschütz and the Kiel Gyro Compass. Editors: Dieter Lohmeier and Bernhardt Schell,

Published 2005, Raytheon Anschütz GmbH, Kiel

Information about this book:

Einstein, Anschütz and the Kiel Gyro Compass

Genius - A photobiography of Albert Einstein. Author: Marfé Ferguson Delano, published 2005  
Albert Einstein: "Those Happy Bernese Years". Authors: Ann M. Hentschel, Gerd Graßhoff

Published 2005, Staempfli Publishers Ldt., Bern

Albert Einstein: "Those Happy Bernese Years"

Einstein: 2005 Wall Calendar.
The Einstein Scrapbook. Author: Ze'ev Rosenkranz, published 2002
Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein's Letters to and from Children. Editor: Alice Calaprice, published 2002
Einstein's Miraculous Year. Editor: John Stachel, published 1998
E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation. Author: David Bodanis, published 2000
The Expanded Quotable Einstein. Editor: Alice Calaprice, published 2000
Einstein: The Life and Times. Author: Ronald W. Clark, published 1999
Einstein's Daughter: The Search for Lieserl. Author: Michelle Zackheim, published 1999
Albert Einstein: A Man for All Seasons 2002 Calendar. Published 2001
Albert Einstein: A Biography. Author: Albrecht Foelsing, published 1998
The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a, 8b, 9, 10. Editors: Robert Schulmann and others, 

published 1987 - 2006, Princeton University Press, Princeton-New Jersey

Einstein: A Life. Author: Denis Brian, published 1997
The Quotable Einstein. Editor: Alice Calaprice, published 1996
Relativity: The Special and the General Theory. Author: Albert Einstein, published 1995
Albert Einstein. Creator and Rebel.  Authors: Banesh Hoffman and Helen Dukas, published 1989
Evolution of Physics. Authors: Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, published 1967


The following booklet was written by me:

Albert Einstein 1879-1955. "... anbei etwas handschriftliches von mir ...". Author: Hans-Josef Küpper

Published 1998, second revised and supplemented edition, 32 pages, 21cm, Albert Einstein-Society, Bern, Available in German only.


by Bernd Platte, Ludwigshafen / Germany, committee member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler (AdA) in Germany, 1998


This small booklet contains a nice selection of Einstein autographs of variable importance. Inside you will discover not only the manuscript page showing the most well-known equation in physics: E=mc2. Also you will find Einstein's famous letter to Roosevelt - one can scarcely imagine a history book without it - as well as letters which are likely to be unknown to most readers. Einstein's letter to Thomas Mann on April 23, 1933, written in Ostend, to my knowledge has never been printed before.


Cover Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Cover, Albert Einstein 1879-1955






Author: Albert Einstein

Published in 1929, 1st and only edition, 34 pages, 22 cm, „Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des jüdischen Buches“ (Soncino Society of Friends of Jewish Books), Berlin

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of Albert Einstein (March 14, 1929) this book was published by the Soncino Society of Friends of Jewish Books. It was published as a unique edition of 800 copies as private print in German.

The preface says:

"... The following pages contain some comments – most of them letters – of Albert Einstein, who knows to find remarkable words out of the depth of his wonderful rich personality  - even when it comes to seemingly remote areas. Exactly this private Einstein who also takes part in the time and the people of today even beyond his area, who is miles apart from being a scientific solitary person, do we get to know in this his transcripts which were caused by outer events and occasions."

Very rare!

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